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Timing: Monday through Friday 10AM-4PM

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What you'll learn at the BioQuest Academy

By enrolling into the BioQuest Academy, you will become part of the BioQuest global health community not only for the two weeks (60 hours) that you are physically at the Center for Infectious Disease Research, but throughout your senior year of high school and beyond! You will advance your understanding of infectious diseases and global health, and become part of the community who cares and works towards finding solutions to these problems.

What is included?

What is not included?

Student testimonials for 2014 Bioquest Academy:

Week One: Biomedical Boot Camp!

During the first week of the BioQuest Academy, you will learn through interactive global health lectures, hands on laboratory experiences, movies, and interactions with Center for Infectious Disease Research scientists the following:

Week Two: BioMedical Immersion!

On the second week of the BioQuest Academy, students will work of one of these team based projects. Students be working on one of the questions listed below and learn the scientific process behind answering scientific questions using real samples from Center for Infectious Disease Research! Don’t worry about the big words and whether you can do this: 100% of Academy students would recommend the BioQuest Academy to applying kids!

Academy Alumni!

We would like you to take the knowledge and inspiration gained during your time in BioQuest to your school and community and become a global health professional! Center for Infectious Disease Research staff will be there to support you with your senior year steps towards college careers in the biomedical tract, including: